Monday, January 17, 2011

Evaluation and Assessment of Curriculum

An effective curriculum integrates content, processes, and habits of mind (i.e., behaviors that are characteristic of effective learners) taught in meaningful contexts that are relevant and interesting to students. The curriculum should address multicultural issues and perspectives and be accessible to all students. Interdisciplinary connections are also critical. Curriculum should connect the information, skills, processes, and perspectives of various disciplines.

Teachers who evaluate curriculum need to consider whether it has purpose and function, and if it is enriching, stimulating, and transforming for both teachers and students. In addition, curriculum evaluation and assessment must be cylindrical in nature. As one evaluation ends and recommendations are implemented, another cycle should begin anew.


miss.calcul8 said...

Seeing you mention 'habits of mind' made me think of
this post
from Avery's Geometry blog.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the link (and for being my first follower!) I just read that post on Avery's blog. Very impressive and comprehensive outline. I remembered the term, "habits of mind" from my grad classes a few years back....

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