Sunday, January 2, 2011

Inability to use Bill Me Later as a Payment Option on eBay....

Since there has been an incredible amount of recent discussion and frustration surrounding this "snafu", I thought I would share my experience. What I state below is the closest "official" response or "resolution" to certain issues I've encountered--as there has been NO official public statement or policy update from either of the three contenders (eBay, PayPal, or Bill Me Later).... After personally contacting all three, and talking with two different Support Reps from Bill Me Later, here is the verdict:

(a) you CANNOT link Bill Me Later to your PayPal account if you have either/both a PayPal Buyer Credit line and/or a PayPal MasterCard Debit Card (including PayPal Smart Connect), (b) as of this post, they are STILL working on trying to get Bill Me Later to show up as a payment option on eBay listings, and (c) as a Seller, one has no way to incorporate Bill Me Later as a payment option. BML reviews eBay Sellers' accounts quarterly and then "transparently" decides on their own whether or not to link a Seller's listing to BML.

I hope this helps to address some of the confusion:)

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