Friday, January 7, 2011

iPads in Schools

The school I work at is one of the first K-9 private day schools in the country to implement Apple iPads into a 9th-grade curriculum. We started this pilot program in September 2010.... To date, our progress regarding this exciting initiative has been staggering! Perhaps you can convince your school and/or district to fund and adopt a similar program!


Anonymous said...

You've given us no reasons to want to implement an iPad program. Simple consumption of alcohol can produce staggering results.

Give some details!

Unknown said...

This post was just a teaser :)

My school was one of 30 schools nationwide to participate in the original Microsoft Learning for Laptops Program, and has continuously adopted advanced programs and provided new platforms for students and teachers. This year, our ninth graders were given iPads in addition to their dedicated laptops.

In September, a local news station visited our campus and featured the school's leading edge programs. The school community’s enthusiasm for learning through new technology was evident in every interview given and every class visited by the news team. Playing the composition of a Gregorian chant on their digital keyboards, ninth graders demonstrated a music app called Virtuoso. Recording homework in Spanish, they showed how recitation can be so much more productive when you have an iPad as a homework partner. In my math classroom, I use various apps; most notably Graphing Calculator HD. With this app, we are able to compare, edit, and overlap functions, while projecting our results on the whiteboard. Going further, students spoke of lighter backpacks, a greener approach to learning, and the fun of discovering new ways to study with a digital tool loaded with information.

Again, this is a pilot program that is still "in progress", and the school has a blog dedicated to this initiative. Unfortunately, at this point it is a private/internal one. When the "OK" is given to go public, I will post a link to this blog.

Thanks for your post!

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